SMT: SEC Team Total Yards Per Game Leaders – Week 5

School – TYPG – Passing Yards Per Game – Rushing Yards Per Game

  1. Texas A&M – 594.6 total yards – 401.2 passing yards – 193.4 rushing yards
  2. Alabama – 594.3 total yards – 335.8 passing yards – 258.5 rushing yards
  3. Mississippi State – 537.6 total yards – 266.8 passing yards – 270.8 rushing yards
  4. Ole Miss – 496.3 total yards – 335.5 passing yards – 160.8 rushing yards
  5. Arkansas – 484.4 total yards – 167.8 passing yards – 316.6 rushing yards

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Saturday Morning Tailgate: 2014 SEC Bowl Projections

College Football Playoff Semifinal (Rose Bowl): Alabama vs. Oregon
Orange Bowl: Auburn vs. East Carolina
Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Southern California
Capital One Bowl: Georgia vs. Ohio State
TaxSlayer Bowl: Missouri vs. Minnesota
Outback Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Iowa
Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Pittsburgh
Belk Bowl: South Carolina vs. Virginia
AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl: LSU vs. Texas Tech
AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Tennessee vs. West Virginia
Birmingham Bowl: Arkansas vs. Louisville
Duck Commander Independence Bowl: Florida vs. North Carolina State

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SMT: SEC Individual Leaders Through Week 5


Southeastern Conference Passing Yards Leaders of Week 5:

  1. Kenny Hill (TAMU) – 1,745 yards –  118/180 (comp/atts) –  17 TDs, 2 Ints
  2. Dylan Thompson (USC) – 1,359 yards – 109/179 (comp/atts) –  12 TDs, 3 Ints
  3. Bo Wallace (OM) – 1,271 yards – 93/131 (comp/atts) – 11 TDs, 6 Ints
  4. Patrick Towles (UK) – 1,117 yards – 84/135 (comp/atts) – 6 TDs, 4 Ints
  5. Maty Mauk (MU) – 1,110 yards – 89/159 (comp/atts) – 14 TDs, 4 Ints

Southeastern Conference Rushing Yards Leaders of Week 5:

  1. Alex Collins (Ark.) – 621 yards – 86 atts (7.2 ypc) – 6 TDs
  2. Todd Gurley (UGA) – 610 yards – 69 atts (8.8 ypc) – 6 TDs
  3. Jonathan Williams (Ark.) – 486 yards – 66 atts (7.4 ypc) – 8 TDs
  4. Josh Robinson (MSU) – 485 yards – 62 atts (7.8 ypc) – 4 TDs
  5. Cameron Artis-Payne (AU) – 468 yards – 86 atts (5.4 ypc) – 5 TDs

Southeastern Conference Receiving Yards Leaders of Week 5:

  1. Amari Cooper (UA) – 655 yards – 43 rec – 15.2 ypc – 5 TDs
  2. Travin Dural (LSU) – 534 yards – 21 rec – 25.4 ypc – 5 TDs
  3. Bud Sasser (MU) – 454 yards – 30 rec – 15.1 ypc – 4 TDs
  4. Malcome Kennedy (A&M) – 378 yards – 33 rec – 11.5 ypc – 2 TDs
  5. Duke Williams (AU) – 357 yards – 23 rec – 15.5 ypc – 3 TDs


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SMT: The State of the Union – The SEC West

The Runaway Train Known as the SEC West: Unprecedented times have found God’s Conference in a position of unheralded supremacy… power never before witnessed in the history of college football. Take a step back to appreciate what’s unfolding before us; a single division yielding so much force and respect, that it could place two teams into the new four team playoff. Our Sweet Lady the SEC West. The high-speed train known as the western division is rolling out of control through the landscape of college football, daring opponents to try to push it off the tracks towards the National Title. But it will not be stopped, this train is operating at full speed and no team, player or coach will be able to derail destiny. Envision Doc Brown and Marty McFly in BTTF III, nothing will stop us from getting back to 1985.

The Superb Seven. That is what college football should title the SEC West at this juncture of the season. Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M and Ole Miss, all can be found ranked in the Top 10, while Mississippi State and LSU are right outside. Furthermore, with an upset of Texas A&M this weekend, Arkansas could find itself ranked in the Top 25. Thus come next week, for first time in the history of college football, all members of one division in a single conference would be ranked at the same time. This would be the most impressive talking point in the history of the SEC’s reign over college football. Moving into Week Five of the 2014 season, the SEC West is an impressive 22-0 against teams not in the division and are winning those contest by an average margin of 34.4 points per game. Overall the SEC West is a combined 24-2 this season, with the only losses coming against their divisional programs (Auburn’s win over Arkansas & Mississippi State’s upset LSU). Now that non-conference season is over, the SEC West will surely cannibalize themselves, giving outside conferences the opportunity to move back up the rankings. Yet the college football countryside has already been burned to the ground, with the Southeastern Conference Western Division taking anything and all they wanted.  

Thou Shall Not Recognize Other Conferences: As a gentlemen website, who’s writers routinely finds themselves involved in verbal altercations defending the legitimacy of our sweet lady, the Southeastern Conference, against other leagues we choose to not recognize their existence, I see the SEC West’s domination over college football as the ultimate talking point. Without question, the SEC West is the Frank Sinatra of conference divisions…many will try to become us, emulate us, replace us, but there is only one Chairman of the Board. The Southeastern Conference is the best league in the in the history of college football and the SEC West is the best division. Live For Saturdays.

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Saturday Morning Tailgate: Week 5 – SEC Predictions & Scores

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 –  SEC Week 5 – TV Times

  • Tennessee at Georgia – 12 p.m. EST – Georgia 34, Tennessee 21
  • Vanderbilt at Kentucky – 12 p.m. EST – Kentucky 31, Vanderbilt 21
  • Texas A&M vs Arkansas – 3:30 p.m. EST – Texas A&M 45, Arkansas 42
  • Louisiana Tech at Auburn – 4 p.m. EST – Auburn 52, Louisiana Tech 7
  • Missouri at South Carolina – 7 p.m. EST – South Carolina 35, Missouri 31
  • New Mexico State at LSU – 7:30 p.m. EST – LSU 42, New Mexico State 7
  • Memphis at Ole Miss – 7:30 p.m. EST – Ole Miss 44, Memphis 17

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SMT: Southeastern Conference News, Views and Notes

The Pigskin Will Fly in the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason is a believer in stopping the run, sometimes at all cost. Therefore it should be expected that the Commodores, and their version of the 3-4 defense, will stack the box against Kentucky and force the Wildcats to throw the pigskin. This Vanderbilt coaching decision could be a blessing for in disguise for the youthful Wildcats, as the team from the Commonwealth has one of the best passing attacks in the conference. First and foremost, sophomore quarterback Patrick Towles has excelled in the first three games of this season, earning two wins and a hard fought triple overtime loss to the Florida Gators. Currently the Wildcat signal caller is third in the conference, averaging more than 305 passing yards per game, also accounting for six total touchdowns. Underclassmen wide receivers, Dorian Baker, Blake Bone, Garrett Johnson and Ryan Timmons have combined for  611 receiving yards and six touchdowns, giving the Wildcats a variety of options in the passing game. Given the Vanderbilt struggles in the passing game against Ole Miss and South Carolina, expect the Kentucky aerial attack to register another great statistical day.

These Are Your Dad’s Razorbacks: The old school run game of the Arkansas has provided your father some talking points about football philosophies from  yester-year, sometimes the past does successfully repeats itself. But many might not fully understanding how the Hogs are dominating games with an offense from 1982. Arkansas is controlling the clock and winning the battle of the trenches with their offensive line. The average weight of Arkansas’ five starting offensive linemen is 321lbs and the big uglies are using it to their advantage, Yes, the Razorbacks have three amazing running backs but this offensive line could be the most imposing unit in the conference. Come Saturday in Texas, the SEC will once again witness the power of the Arkansas offensive line as the Aggies’ defense is not built to battle the size of the Hogs. Arkansas is averaging 324.5 rushing yards per game, which is first in the conference and the second SEC team, Georgia, averages only 304 rushing yards per game. Expect the Razorbacks to add to this impressive total against the Texas A&M Aggies this weekend.

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SMT: Southeastern Conference Talking Points 4.0


Talking Point #1 – MSU Quarterback Dak Prescott is in the Heisman Race. True. Last weekend Mississippi State traveled to Baton Rouge and left with their first victory at LSU since 1991. One of the primary reasons the Bulldogs have gone from a western division doormat to the fourteenth ranked team in the nation, has been the excellent performance of their signal caller, Dak Prescott. In their victory over the Bayou Bengals, the MSU quarterback passed for 268 yards and tossed two touchdowns, while also running the pigskin 22 times for 105 yards and another score. Now with State’s 4-0 start to the season, Prescott has already accounted for 15 total touchdowns (11 passing and and 4 rushing) and is firmly planted into the 2014 Heisman race. Last, Prescott has had over 200 yards passing and 100 plus yards rushing in three straight Bulldog wins.

Talking Point #2 – South Carolina’s Defense is Dismal at Best. True. Many expected the Gamecocks to endure early season struggles after several roster losses due to NFL early entrees and graduation. Yet, not many expected the Gamecocks’ defense to look this horrid. As of their win over Vanderbilt, South Carolina is allowing 36.0 points per game, which is currently second-most in the conference. Moreover, the Gamecocks are allowing 311.5 passing yards per game this season, which is also second worst in the league. Adding insult to injury, USC is allowing an SEC worst 5.8 rushing yards per carry. Last, South Carolina has allowed all three of their SEC opponents to score more than 30 points after allowing one conference opponent to score that many last season. If the OBC has any hopes of earning a trip to Atlanta for the Southeastern Conference title game, the Gamecocks are going to have to quickly repair the deficiencies across their defense.


Talking Point #3 - Missouri wins the SEC East in 2013, earns our respect, then loses it all in one Saturday. This is a fact. How Missouri blew there game against Indiana is beyond our ability to reason. After doing so much in 2013 to earn the respect of the Brothers and Sisters of the South, the Tigers pissed it all away with their loss to an average at best Big Ten program. The Tigers are officially on double secret probation.

Talking Point #4 – The SEC West is the best division in the history of college football. That’s a Fact Jack. Years ago SEC fans witnessed a situation in which Arkansas, LSU and Alabama were ranked first, second and third in the nation. One would assume that was going to be the pinnacle of the SEC Western Division. We were wrong. Currently, the six western division teams are ranked in the Top 20 of the AP Poll and if Arkansas defeats A&M this weekend, all seven could be ranked next week. Currently the Hogs are the only SEC West team not ranked, but have won its last three games by an average 41.7 points per game, including an impressive domination of Texas Tech. The West is an impressive 22-0 outside of western division teams (including the SEC East), winning by an average of 34.2 points per game. This is the best division in the history of college football and should be in the conversation to get two teams in the 2014 playoff.


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Saturday Morning Tailgate: SEC Week 5 – TV Times

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 –  SEC Week 5 – TV Times

  • Tennessee at Georgia – 12 p.m. EST – ESPN
  • Vanderbilt at Kentucky – 12 p.m. EST – SEC Network
  • Texas A&M vs Arkansas – 3:30 p.m. EST – CBS
  • Louisiana Tech at Auburn – 4 p.m. EST – SEC Network
  • Missouri at South Carolina – 7 p.m. EST – ESPN
  • New Mexico State at LSU – 7:30 p.m. EST – SEC Network
  • Memphis at Ole Miss – 7:30 p.m. EST – SEC Network
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